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Vote Jen Mitchell – Collier County School Board – August 28, 2018


I am passionate about education

Jen Mitchell

My name is Jen Mitchell. I am a 20-year Collier County resident, realtor, and mother of four. Three of my children currently attend Collier County Public Schools (CCPS), while my oldest is a 2016 CCPS graduate attending the University of Florida.

I was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, and earned my BA from Purdue University in Elementary Education. After graduation, my husband and I moved to Naples, his hometown, where I taught for a year at Naples Park Elementary. After our first child was born, we put my career on hold to raise our family.

I have always been passionate about education, and as a stay-at-home mom, I spent the past 14 years volunteering in my children’s classrooms and serving on their schools’ PTO boards.  In  2011 I was invited, along with other parent volunteers throughout CCPS, to join the Superintendent’s District Advisory Council, created to increase parental involvement in and communication with the District.

As a result of these activities, I was asked to participate in the Champions for Learning Connect Now Project, a series of workshops that led to what became the CCPS Strategic Plan.  I was proud to be among the parents, educators and community members selected to develop the Connect Now vision for our school district and path toward implementing it.

In 2014, I began my second career, as a Realtor, and am currently with Domain Realty Group of Southwest Florida. The quality of our schools is often the first thing clients new to the area ask about, as it directly affects property values. My role as a local businesswoman, combined with my years as a parent and CCPS volunteer, has heightened my understanding of the importance of great public schools.

I want to help strengthen our A-rated school district. Its outstanding educators and administrators are working hard to provide our students with the best possible education.  We need a school board that will set politics aside, collaborate, and focus on the 47,000 students who are counting on us to get it right.

I ask for your vote on August 28th, 2018. It would be an honor to represent you on the Collier County School Board.

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Why I’m Running

  • I am running because I am passionate about education.  I have had the good fortune of meeting some of the most dedicated and caring people in my time at CCPS, from teachers and administrators to bus drivers, cafeteria workers, coaches and parent volunteers, all with the common goal of student success. I believe a school board that works collaboratively and shares that common goal of student success is necessary to continue moving the district in the right direction.

  • I am running because I believe where politics and education collide there are no winners.  The focus should always be first and foremost on positive learning outcomes for our students. Educating a child in preparation for future success is a monumental task that leaves no room for political or personal agendas.

  • I am running because I have a vested interest in the long-term success of our schools. I will have had children in CCPS for a span of 20 years by the time my youngest child graduates in 2023. So it is important to me that the quality of education continues the positive trend of the last several years. This requires working to find ways to attract and retain quality teachers who can afford to make Naples their home, working to narrow the achievement gap for students who struggle, making sure our students leave CCPS college and career ready, and continuing to find ways to stretch our dollars to meet the needs of our students while remaining accountable to our taxpayers.

  • Finally, I am running because I want to correct what I believe is a false narrative being written by a small but vocal minority. The sky is NOT falling, our schools are NOT failing… CCPS is doing great things every day in the lives of our children. It is by no means perfect and there are certainly areas that can be improved, but we have excellent educators and administrators in place who are working hard to meet and overcome the District’s challenges to give our students the best possible education.



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I support Jen Mitchell for School Board because she has a deep knowledge and understanding of Collier County Public Schools. She has volunteered in her children’s classrooms and served on School Advisory Committees and Parent Teacher Organizations at a variety of schools at all levels. She has also served on the Superintendent’s District Advisory Council. Jen thoroughly examines issues affecting our public schools and will make decisions based on what will benefit our 49,000 current students the most, as well as future students to come. Jen understands the challenges that our schools face and supports our school district in meeting those challenges.

– Julie Sprague
Former CCPS Educator & School Board Member

It is a pleasure for me to endorse Jen Mitchell’s candidacy for Collier County School Board. I do so unequivocally and that is a rarity in 2018.

I met Jen as she was entering real estate. I am the Head Corporate Trainer for my brokerage and Jen participated in all the training sessions with great vigor and commitment. I also asked her to join me to present to subsequent “newbies” since her communication skills are exceptional.

As a former educator and high school principal, I have hired and/or collaborated with many individuals over many years and Jen shines among all. Her dedication, follow-through, communication skills and interpersonal skills combine to produce success resulting in establishing firm relationships.

As a real estate broker and past president of our local Board (Naples Area Board of REALTORS®), I am extremely pleased that Jen has joined our profession. She always conducts her business with ethics and professionalism. Those are vital qualities for all businesses – especially real estate which is focused on assisting customers to realize their home ownership dream – the American dream.

As a licensed instructor for NABOR®, Florida REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®, I train many REALTORS®. I can assure you that Jen’s commitment to learning, education and children is rare. Likewise is her commitment to ethics. She will undoubtedly contribute much to Collier County’s children and educational institutions. Thus, it is a true pleasure to endorse her candidacy since I know she will work tirelessly to improve all systems and learning.

– Pat Pitocchi
Corporate Trainer/ Broker Associate
Past President of NABOR

I support Jen Mitchell because she embodies so many of the characteristics that combined make for a passionate, knowledgeable team leader. Her years of service in volunteer and leadership positions with our school district over the course of many years and desire to collaborate to continue to strengthen our A-rated district make her exactly the candidate our community needs as our next school board member representing District 3. I hope you will join me in voting for Jen Mitchell! She represents all that we desire in a school board member!

– Kathy Curatolo
Former CCPS School Board Member

It is with great pleasure that I support Jen Mitchell as a school board member for district 3! Her enthusiasm for the classroom, dedication to children, and passion to help others, are all qualities needed to represent our school system. A devoted volunteer in our schools for many years, Jen has a dynamic vision and understands the needs of our growing community. She will work with others and her giving spirit will offer so much to our board. She is such a hard worker and she will do her homework! Jen will make an excellent addition to our school board.

– Jeanne Nara Nealon
Community Member

It is a pleasure to endorse Jen Mitchell for Collier County Public School Board. Jen’s passion for children and our community is evident through her service as a teacher and realtor, but most importantly as the mother of four children. As our School Board Member, Jen will listen respectfully to parents, teachers, students, fellow board members, and community members to continue the great strides and vast improvements our Collier County Public Schools have experienced in recent years. These times are challenging as budgets become tighter, the search for talented educators and administrators becomes more difficult, and the needs of children vary widely. Jen will continue to work with all interested parties to address these challenges, and continue the momentum of Future Ready Collier making sure every child in our community has access to the right education making them “college or career ready”. Jen also understands that a strong education begins in the earliest stages of a child’s life, and supports early childhood education programs and helping parents get the resources they need to be their child’s first teacher. My wife Kathy and I have known Jen and her husband Chris since we first arrived in Naples nearly 13 years ago, working together on school initiatives and projects through our church. We wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and hope she is elected to the Collier County School Board.

– Tracy and Kathy Connelly
CCPS Parents, Education Supporters, and Community Volunteers

How fortunate Collier County is that Jen Mitchell has stepped forward to serve our school district. Having 4 children in the district, she knows first hand the importance of a great education for all of our youth in this area. Jen is a “team player” who seeks out the positives in every situation and will be a hard worker for every child in the district. We can only hope that more like Jen will step forward in the future.

– Linda Penniman, Councilwoman
Naples City Council